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Sausage filler
Automatic Double Clipper
Manual Single Clipper
Smoking and cooking chamber
Vacuum Tumbler
Meat Bowl Cutter
Vacuum Meat Mixer
Brine Injector
Meat Slicer/Dicer
Meat Grinder
Meat Tenderizer
Vacuum dough mixing and kneader machine, bone separator
Meat lifter/loader
Clips銆丄luminium wire
Cutter knife sharpenner / Band saw/brine mixing machine
laboratory equipments
Meat ball machine High speed pulping machine.
Separator Emulsifier
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   Hebei XiaoJin Machinery Manufacturing INC.Plant was founded in 1986, located in the downtown of Shijiazhung City, and sets up production technology department, purchasing department, operation department and financial department, office and 3 workshops, totally 8 departments. It is mainly engaged in production of processing mechanical equipments for meat foods, the products include the complete foods machinery series for saline preparation, saline injection, slicing, tendering, rolling and kneading, mixing, filling, punching and steaming and smoking etc. Our tenet is "Xiaojin Spirit, Develop the Career with Credit". Our company is far ahead in the domestic meat foods trade with the excellent product quality, advanced technology and strong strength, and gained the favorable comments from our wide customers, acquired good economic and social benefits for our enterprise and the customers.

   As a specialized manufacturer for food machine, our plant always regards quality as life, customer as God. Through 20 years' untiring struggle, "Xiaojin Food Processing Machinery" had enjoyed higher popularity and status in the meat food trade. To ensure the "Xiaojin Brand", all of our products used the CAD, then products鈥� appearance and research and development speed obtained great improvement, and owned many state patents, therefore made our products multi-categories, seriation and have stronger competition. Implementation of the modern enterprise management mode guaranteed the operational mechanism of enterprise management with science and adaptability, furthermore, Shijiazhuang Xiaojin Food Processing Machinery Plant got more vigor and development potential.

   The development of Shijiazhuang Xiaojin Food Processing Machinery Plant also depends upon that we have a staff group with high diathesis, strict work style and tough spirit. Our core is the technological group with senior engineers and engineers, the better operation diathesis and devotion spirit provided good quality guarantee for our products. The united and pragmatic, diligent and loyal staff group assured the vigor of "Xiaojin". The series products of "Xiaojin Food Processing Machinery" will provide the technology and equipments support with credible product鈥檚 function for perfecting the food trade of our country.

   Our enterprise was once awarded honorable titles of "Bright Star", "Excellent Private Technological Enterprise", "Excellent Private Enterprise" of Hebei Province, "Excellent Private Technological Enterprise", "Star Private Enterprise", "Excellent Private Enterprise", "Excellent Private Technological Enterprise" and "One of Ten Best Private Enterprises" etc. of Shijiazhuang City.

    "Xiaojin Food Processing Machinery" will contribute effort for the meat products processing trade of our country with its outstanding product quality and perfect after service.

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